Hello and welcome to Blackbird Bakery!

It is August. The peak of summer parties and weddings and

all of our usual summer celebrations. Our sense of what that

means is being stretched and tested by the current public

health pandemic but we find that people are being creative

in recalibrating but still celebrating birthdays, weddings,

anniversaries and all the big and small moments.

Speaking of big and small moments, don’t forget to stop

along your walk and pick some blackberries, wade in the

Sound at low tide or lay in the grass and look at the clouds

passing by.



We are continuing to focus on safely

providing nourishment and happiness to our community


and every day. For now we will not have inside seating but

have lots of places to sit outside.

We are still happy to take your phone orders and have them

ready for pick-up when you arrive.

Curbside service available.


Summer means raspberries, zucchini and edible flowers

from Suyematsu Farms, Butler Greens & Persephone

Farms. Thank you for all that you do!


Check out the whole menu HERE.