Hello and welcome to Blackbird Bakery!

October is here and with it comes the beginning

of one of our favorite seasons. Crisp weather and

fall colors bring on thoughts of apples, pears and of course pumpkins! Watch out for new menu

items coming out in the next few days.


Speaking of new, check out our new Blackbird

window on Madrone Lane! Our indoor seating is

still closed but all the tables in the Lane are great

places to hang out and you can pick up your

Blackbird goodies directly through the window.

Heads up, the window is for debit or credit card

only please and thank you. Come by and see our

smiling faces in the window! As always you can

still place phone orders and have them ready for pick-up in store, at the window or at curbside

when you arrive.


We continue to focus on safely

providing nourishment and happiness to our

community today and every day. Thank you for practicing mask and distancing safety while

visiting Blackbird.


Thanks to all of our local farmers for giving us

amazing produce to work with all summer

long and into the fall. BI Farms, Butler Greens,

Persephone Farm and Laughing Crow Farm. Be

sure to visit the BI Farmer’s Market on

Saturdays from 10am-1pm.


Check out the whole menu HERE.